EFS Elite Rear Shock Absorber Toyota Landcruiser 100 Series with IFS, 365550

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This is a new quality EFS Elite brand Rear Shock Absorber.

Suitable for:

Toyota Landcruiser 100 Series, HDJ100, UZJ100, IFS only, built from 01/1998 to 2007 runout.

Toyota Lexus petrol models only.

This is a Rear Shock Absorbers to suit all Landcruiser 100 series with Independent Front Suspension.

The EFS Elite range of shock absorbers are a heavy duty damper with 35mm piston attached to a 16mm hardened chrome rod.

The twin tube design ranges between 51mm and 60mm diameter and have inner and outer wall thickness of 1.5mm for increased durability and strength.

These shock absorbers have been manufacturered to suit specific vehicle and ride height applications.

EFS Elite are NOT a one shock fits all upgrade. Ensure you take into account any ride height modifications that may have been made on your vehicle.

EFS Elite shock absorbers come with 3 year/100000km warranty.

This price is for a single shock absorber. Please order the required quantity.

Replacement would commonly require a purchase of a pair of shocks as both right and left are usually replaced as a set to maintain symmetrical steering geometry and physics.

While it is a good idea to replace all four shock absorbers at the same time, it is not necessary between front and rear.


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