Landcruiser Blackhawk Upper Control Arms 100 Series IFS HDJ UZJ


Blackhawk Upper Control Arms for Lifted Landcruiser 100 Series IFS HDJ100 UZJ100

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Suitable for Toyota Landcruiser HDJ100, UZJ100, (IFS) with independent front suspension, built from 01/1998 to 2007 runout.

This part is a pair of Blackhawk by Roadsafe front suspension upper control arms.

These arms are a necessity for vehicles which have been raised by 30mm or more.

The Roadsafe “BLACKHAWK” arms have been designed to restore camber & caster lost on the IFS vehicles once they have been lifted, by correcting the angle of the ball joint.

They achieve this by angling and repositioning the ball joint aperture to allow for up to 3 degrees increased caster, and maintain correct camber, and revising the radius bends to increase suspension articulation, and allow fitment of larger tyres.


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