Dobinsons Monotube IMS Adjustable Front Lift Kit – Volkswagen Amarok (2010-2022)




Featuring all the same features as the Dobinsons MRR Front Lift Kit minus the remote reservoir, The Dobinsons MT IMS lift kit is great for those who don’t need a remote reservoir, or don’t want to have the hassle of mounting the reservoir. It combines the known quality of Dobinsons components with the performance of a Monotube 50mm bore shock and is height adjustable, meaning you can fine tune your ride height to your desired look, or to increase lost height when new accessories have been fitted


This is a Dobinsons Monotube IMS Front Lift Kit for a Volkswagen Amarok 2010-2021


The kit contains:

  • 2x Dobinsons IMS Adjustable Front Shock absorbers
  • 2x Dobinsons Front Coil Springs


Important Notes for setting up your Vehicle Correctly:

  • When selecting Springs to suit your lift, please Select Springs only to suit Current “CONSTANT” Loads Front and Rear.
  • Towing Loads are not included in your Constant Load Calculations, as they are not “Constant” Loads.
  • Please do not put Occasional Loads into your “Constant” Load determinations.
  • Selecting a load rating that is too heavy for your setup will result in Poor Flex Off-Road, Compromised Suspension Travel & Rough Ride, and will cause damage to your new shock absorbers and other components by pushing them outside of their intended range.



Please Note:

  • All lift heights stated are estimated lift heights, due to the large number of variables in each different vehicles setup and accessories.
  • Estimated Lift Height 35mm
  • Can be set as high as 50mm with accomodating mods like UCA’s and a Diff Drop Kit


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