5×7″ RGB LED Lights (Pair)


This is one pair of headlights. If you select the “Toyota” option you will also be supplied with a pair of our Smart CANBUS Modules for free, which make them compatible with your negatively switched Toyota.

The lights themselves are road legal, but the RGB halos are for off road use only.

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These are our official JTX 5″x7″ (sometimes referred to as 6″x7″) ADR approved LED lights.
  • The DRL Halo is really bright even in full sun light and it goes all the way around the light – not just up the sides.
  • Unlike the standard 5×7″ LED Lights, the DRL Halo does not flash amber when indicating.
  • The light output is amazing.
  • In High Beam mode the low beam is also on – this is a setting within the light to ensure maximum brightness in high beam.
  • They are indestructible and waterproof
  • You get ADR certification and according to Qld Dept Transport they are the only ADR approved light
  • They are made by us here in Melbourne. Always consider buying Australian Made

These are 5″x7″ rectangular headlights and they fit vehicles such as Toyota Hilux (1978-2005), Honda Preludes and wide variety of Ford F-Trucks. Theoretically, any vehicle with single rectangular lights (2 lights in total) should be compatible with these lights. They are made to suit Australian left side of road so popular in old cars being brought to Australia and both lights are identical so no left or right side lights.


  • Headlight amp draw: 3A each.
  • Halo amp draw: 0.35A each.


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